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Hampshire Dogging - Outdoor sex with strangers in car parks!


If you're into dogging we've listed the locations across Hampshire here!

Dogging is rapidly becomming a very popular past time, with many of our swinger members arranging meetings for sex in local car parks, lay-bys or picnic parks for guaranteed dogger action tonight! Blow jobs on back seats, bonking on bonnets & fumbles in the forest, whether you want to watch or join in these listings should get you going!

One of the best places to find local Hampshire dogging locations is useing the forum, chatrooms & dogging blogs we have for swinging members as the postings made are by 100% genwin Hampshire dogging & swingers looking for local dogging contacts & locasl meets

Know of a dogging location or regular outdoor sex venue, then please Hampshire Swingers with the details now!

Many sites now list the same old hampshire dogging locations but many are no longer used or even made up, so we have decided to list doggin spots, and comments on them, that are submitted to us by our swingers members:

BJLover - Wednesdays in Winchester, there is some good action to be had at the main northbound layby on the A31

FannyPat - Gosport, many people keep going on about the seafront/Stokes Bay car parks but we've yet to see anything other than late night anglers!

Twizler - Southsea pier always has couples fucking under it but be careful as they aren't all doggers and some fights can arise if it's a post nightclub fuck that's happening!

BangMamma - Didn't expect much when we moved to the New Forest area but surprisingly there are some great dogging places at Milkham, Stoney Cross & Ocknell region. All seem friendly and busy most days.

Minxdog - Wickham's 100 Acres Wood (Forestry Commission car-par) is quite busy at times as the trees provide very good cover

Pompy dogger - Portsdown Hill car-park opposite Fort Nelson I used to use this for dogging but its pretty dead now

If you join Hampshire Swingers you can use the online chatrooms and Hants instant action forum to find local dogging action for tonight!